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It is the end of week one and I have written 6160 words. Yet, the weekly events and appointments turned my Blogging WriMo into a frenzy of academic papers that I had to hand in for my Master’s Degree. To understand the level of stress that this week was you must picture that I had to write complete, polished papers to hand in and a presentation. And some videos. And assigned reading for homework, of course. Oh, and the other 3 essays I handed in on the last 3 days of October, which didn’t count for the challenge.


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In Gothic literature, the forest is an interstitial space between the known and the unknown; its liminality either gives entrance to or holds in its core the supernatural. In fairytales, the unknown can be threatening or miraculous and its victims are often located in the outside borders of the woods. I pretend to analyze the different representations of the forest and the effect it has on its surroundings in the fairytale “Hansel and Gretel” by the Grimm brothers and in the movie The Witch by Robert Eggers. …

Happy Halloween everyone! October has come to its end and the end of a very unpredictable year is upon us. And what have I, your masochistic blogger decided to do? Add one (ok two) more projects to my overflowing to-do list. I can’t help it, whenever I encounter something worth pursuing, I forget about the banalities of time constraints and relaxation to embark on new adventures. Hopefully, these ones will be smoothly mixed with the work I already have to do for university and each will enrich the other.


Lately, I…

Gothic Book Recommendations

Gothic literature is my favorite genre because of the aesthetically pleasing, passionate exploration of the fears of humanity. Here are my top 11 books:

Dracula by Bram Stoker

I have been living in Venice for one year (technically, right now I’m in Graz on a mobility semester but you get it). It has been a breathtaking experience and one that has changed my life forever. I have fallen in love with Venice as I had never fallen for any city before; it is the place that I call home. Here are 5 ways (comical and serious) in which the city has changed me:

Boats and walking over cars

I was raised in Mexico City and I always liked cars. Since I was a girl I dreamt of the moment I could get a…

I am a person that functions on self-defined binaries of life. Often extreme opposites. People are either my super close best friends or indifferent acquaintances. Entertainment produces either an obsessive, passionate, personal response in me or non-attachment, distaste, oblivion (whether that is music, movies, books, series, or anything else). You might be thinking that I am some sort of weirdo but that’s how I’ve been all my life. My mom always says that since I was a child, I have been very “strict” in the beliefs that I commit to. And by “child” I mean two-year-old me who already got…

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I have a love-hate for Dark Academia. What started as a quiet trend on Tumblr, soon took its aesthetic vision to Instagram, Pinterest, and now, it is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular. From videos on “how to turn your bedroom into Dark Academia” to “Dark Academia lookbooks”, to “how to be Dark Academia”, the movement has taken over the internet. And while I appreciate anything that inspires a love for learning, I have a mixture of feelings about this trend.

You see, the “Dark Academia aesthetic” existed for decades, perhaps even centuries, before someone coined the name and…

Fondazione Giorgio Cini; my favorite library in the world.

When will you start calling yourself a writer? This is the question that has been haunting me for what seems like an unnamable stretch of time. After all those university essays, journals, digital notes, failed blogs, self-publishing shenanigans, challenges, prompts, Instagram captions, scraps of papers, abandoned first chapters… surely I should have abandoned the idea; yet the thunderstorm of plots, couplets, and images that I have forced into oblivion refuse to let go.

When will you start calling yourself a writer? when you are good enough? popular enough? well-read enough?

When will you start calling yourself a writer? when your…

A simple trick to save you time and energy

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I believe in planning and organization. It clears my mind and allows me to think, create, and most important of all, be productive. You can usually find me trying to learn the latest discovery to maximize time management, testing a new organization system, and the like. For the past six years I’ve been on a minimalist journey, pairing down my possessions, asking what my essentials are.

In terms of clothing, I have tried Project 333, the 37-item wardrobe, and my favorite so far, and more. I’ve read that decision fatigue can…

The unabridged experience of living with 270 people

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I have been living in a dorm ever since moving to Venice, Italy four months ago. Last September 8th, I stepped inside the building that would become my home for at least a year, the overwhelming feelings of leaving home coming down my shoulders as I carried my heavy luggage on my own, opened the door of my room/house/everything and contemplated its bareness. The sense of unfamiliarity made me shed some tears (I had left my parents at the other side of the world) and I thought that surely I had made…

Dany Szelsky

Self acclaimed romantic youth and elysianer. ”The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim” — Oscar Wilde 🥀

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